Neoflam Retro 5 PCS Cookware Set (Mint Blue)

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Retro™, winner of the 2014 Red Dot Design Award, is like its namesake suggests: a throwback to a classic and elegant style from the past. Retro is a fresh and trendy take on a traditional design. The philosophy of Retro is to bring a timeless look to a modern audience, evoking warm memories from a not too distant era. Whether you are cooking for yourself or your friends and family, Retro's pastel-like colors create an inviting ambiance. Equipped with a soft touch handle, Retro's unique yet familiar look will surely complement any kitchen.


Retro's cast aluminum design provides multiple benefits to the user. Retro's thick wall gauge provides durability and a quality feel. Known for its exceptional durability and high heat conductivity, cast aluminum is rising in popularity as a safe and affordable alternative to stainless steel. At just 1/3 the weight of cast iron, cast aluminum's even heat distribution properties allow for fast cooking and reduced energy consumption. Furthermore, the cast aluminum body and lid work in conjunction to create a convection effect, producing currents of hot air for more efficient cooking.



  • Ecolon™ ceramic coating provides superior nonstick performance and highly scratch resistant durability.
  • PFOA-free and does not contain any harmful substance
  • Integrated knob lid with steam vent prevents water overflow
  • Cast aluminum design is both lightweight and heat conductive
  • Soft touch handle allows for ergonomic grip and ease of cooking
  • Made in Korea



  • 1.5QT Saucepan w/ Glass Lid
  • 2.5QT Stockpot w/ Glass Lid and Silicone Grips
  • 10" Frying Pan


Use & Care:

Cooking: Always cook on medium or low heat when using cast aluminum cookware. Only minimal preheating is required. We suggest using a little bit of oil or butter to preserve the nonstick surface. Always use wooden or plastic utensils instead of metal utensils.

Cleaning: The cookware is dishwasher safe. However, we recommend hand-washing all cookware with warm, soapy water and a soft sponge. Please do not use metal abrasives.

Storage: Always use a pan protector or towel between cookware when nesting.