Jet Burners

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  • Concord's Jet Burner Head assembly contains: Jet Burner Head, Burner Neck, High Pressure Regulator Hose, Assembly Wrench, Thread Tape, and Pipe Sealant
  • Our Jet Burner comes in 2 styles: Our JET-10 comes with 10 nozzels (up to 45,000 BTUs) and our JET-20 comes with 20 nozzels (up to 100,000 BTUs)
  • Our Jet Burners are made with solid cast iron with each brass nozzel hand assembled for a tight leak free finish.
  • This burner will work perfectly assembled on outdoor stoves, wok stoves, camping burners, side burners, street vendor equipment, and so much more!
  • JET-10 Product Size: 6" Wide x 2.5" Height. 16" Length. 3 LBS (Note: Size and weight taken on burner only)
  • JET-20 Product Size: 8" Wide x 2.5" Height. 18" Length. 5 LBS (Note: Size and weight taken on burner only)