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  • 26cm round steamer paper perfects for 26cm-28cm bamboo or metal steamers and 6 quart or smaller air fryers.
  • 28cm round steamer paper perfects for 28cm-30cm bamboo or metal steamers and 8 quart or smaller air fryers.
  • 30cm round steamer paper perfects for 30cm-32cm bamboo or metal steamers and 10 quart or smaller air fryers.
  • Non-stick - Prevent your breads, buns, dumplings & dim sum from sticking to steamer basket or pan.
  • Easy to clean - These steamer liners are anti-sticky which keep your steamer from food residue and make cleanup a breeze
  • Other steamer paper liners are too thick to absorb the steam. But our paper is heat resistant and allows steam to pass through fluently, so food will stay original taste and flavour.
  • Can also be used for oilly food absorption.