Concord Turbo Steam Canner

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  • Concord's 20 quart stainless steel Turbo Steam Canner, includes a steamer canner, rack, tray, and 7 glass quart mason jars.
  • Extra tall steamer lid design fully engulfs up to 8 Pint Jars or 7 Quart Jars. Rack stand jars up for a 360 steam.
  • Our Turbo Steam Canner features a triply bottom for even steam distribution. Silicone wrapped handles so protect you from the heat.
  • Our included rack is extra thick 3 mm stainless steel wires holds jars securely in place. (most competitors are 2mm or less) and Securely holds 8 Pint jars or 7 Quart jars.
  • Set includes a total of 11 pieces.