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  • Concord THE WOK BLOCK burner is our latest wok burner. Utilizing our 10 nozzle Jet Burner head, this wok is perfect as a stand alone wok burner or a side burner to your grill.
  • Our single propane THE WOK BLOCK stove is great for backyard cookouts, stir frying, tailgating, camping, and so much more. Weighing approximately 10 LBS, it is one of the lightest wok burners on the market! Just pick it up, place it in
  • Our Wok Block features a cast iron burner head with 10 solid brass nozzles pointed in different directions. Along with our included high pressure 0-20 PSI regulator hose, and a powder coated steel frame. Also comes with a carrying handle for easy transportation.
  • This burner features a built in wok ring, so your wok will seat inside the burner, allowing for the coveted Wok Hei effect. Our Burner also features a full 360 welded frame. This means extra sturdy. Toss it, kick it, really use it for a lifetime.
  • Burner Dimensions: 12.25" Wide x 15" Overall Length. 6.4" Height. 10 LBS