Professional Single Banjo Wok Burner with Stand

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  • Concord Professional 16" Stronghold burners are capable to putting out up to 270,000 BTU and are built like tanks. This is part of our professional series, suitable for food trucks, street vendors, and some serious outdoor cooking.
  • This is our DROP IN WOK Edition, this means that there is a custom built wok ring that allows you to drop your 11" or wider wok into the burner. Drop in allows for a 360 degree authentic stir fry creating "Wok Hei" aka Breath of the Wok.
  • This propane stove is made with a solid cast iron burner head and high temp powder coated steel frame.
  • Our Banjo single propane burner head is wide and powerful enough for authentic high flame stir frying. Heat resistant gloves included for high flame cooking.
  • This outdoor burner has a built in extra wide windscreen to keep your flames going even in high wind conditions. 16" Stronghold Burner. 16" Stronghold Burner. Size: 16" Wide x 16" Height. 29 LBS