30" Comal Stand with Roadster Burner

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  • This is the bundle for Concord's 30" Comal Stand with our 13" Cast Iron Roadster Burner
  • Concord's Comal Stand is made with forged steel and powder coated for the highest heat and weather resistance.
  • This comal stand has a 30" Height and is perfect for woks, cooking disks, comals, round griddles with a diameter of 19.5" or wider.
  • Concord's Roadster Burner. Featuring a 90,000 BTU Dual Controllable Burner Ring Cast Iron Burner.
  • Dual Controlled burner rings: featuring a 4.5" Burner ring on the side and a 8.5" Burner ring on the outside. Great for simmering or full heat stir frying.